SWEDEN/SVERIGE or SWED A Crypto-Currency For Trusts & Wealth Managers That Saves Trillions Of Dollars, And Gives a New Way of Access To The Decentralized Finance, And A Solution for The Unbanked.

A new TRC20/TRON blockchain based Token has been created, will it be the same as any other crypto currencies on the market, or does it have a different story, in the information below we will explain how Sweden (SWED) Token is making a difference in the Trust/Wealth/Assets Management & Financial Industry.

The Swedish Trust is an integrated trust and wealth management company that provides solutions for an optimal strategy tailored to an individual client’s profile, objectives and time horizon . We will create a suitable and profitable asset allocation comprising the most appropriate method of
implementation that includes a variety of products and vehicles. The Swedish Trust has decided to move into the #Blockchain technology, and started to develop a platform, that will make a big difference, and the job of #Trustees, #Wealth/Assets Managers easier, imagine spending the time creating, writing, signing and keeping thousands of paper documents related to your clients, imagine how hard it is to keep everything organized, and how hard it is every time you have to amend a Trust Deed/Wealth Management agreement to fit every client’s need , but with the help of #Blockchain technology, now your job will be beyond easy, by using a simple tool called the #SmartContract which will keep all records/contracts/agreements and all other documentations in safe environment, and accessible with a click of a button. Imagine how much this will also help the environment by reducing the usage of #Papers and the need to #Recycle.

#Sweden (SWED) allows #Trustees, #Settlors, #Grantors & #Beneficiaries to have more anonymity, speed of payment and independence. It allows the #Trusts (Trust Deeds) to access the blockchain tech. The Coin itself, will be used as an eco-system currency, where a client can pay for the services needed in a speed instance, without the need of banks, and all the tiring questions that comes from there. As we all know, #TRON provides a decentralized virtual machine, which can execute a program using an international network of public nodes. The network has #ZERO transaction fees and conducts approximately 2,000 transactions per second. meaning it is more convenient for the client, and it gives him the maximum benefit and value for the intended business transaction. On the TRON network, transaction fees are calculated via Bandwidth and Energy, with each user allowed to make about 15 transfers free of charge. TRX coin transfers therefore don’t cost much. However, when the transfer is a smart contract asset, the energy value is higher than zero, meaning the transfer fee is higher. TRON has an average transaction fee of about $0.0000901.

#Sweden (SWED) will be the only accepted way of payment in #TheSwedishTrust, meaning if any client wants one of the services listed below, he will need to pay using the SWED token. This will make all business operations #SWIFT and smooth, and using this way of payment it will activate a smart contract on the blockchain that satisfies the client’s need, by that a Blockchain based TRUST DEED is generated. This way of payment also will allow us as a company to reduce the fees that are included and charged usually for account processing and setup, which normally costs in thousands of dollars, that solves a big problem for clients and institutions, where the client always complains about the high fees charged for such operations, and most of the time the institution ends up not able to close the deal.

Services offered by The Swedish Trust:

The Swedish Trust is a fully licensed, boutique trust and investment management specialist that provides bespoke and customized solutions to our clients. We are officially registered and fully compliant in Sweden, a country with international respect and wide recognition , not only through out Europe but also throughout the world.
We are officially registered as Professional Trustee in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act 2017:630 (AML/CFT Compliance) with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes.
The Swedish Trust manages assets held in Trusts structured under various jurisdictions.
Our passion and expertise is providing attentive trust and wealth management services on asset allocation and asset management. We pride ourselves on our service and financial advice proposition.
We are independent, meaning that we are not beholden to any other financial institution and do not accept rebates or commissions.

The Swedish Trust is an integrated trust and wealth management company that provides solutions drawing from years of experience working with high net worth individuals and leading financial institutions internationally, including The Middle East, London, New York, Hong Kong and Japan,
our services continue to succeed in the delivery of a range of financial services with a strong emphasis on risk management for affluent clients. As a professional investment management company, we can manage variety of assets.

  • *Unified, Managed in-house Capability
    *Optimized Personal Strategic Trust Strategy & Asset Allocation
    *Diversification in Separate Asset Classes
    *Tax-efficient Approach
    *Portfolio Implementation
    *In-house specialist Portfolio Managers

We manage this by creating a mutually agreeable investment plan with an above-market rate of returns. There are no limits on the number of clients or amounts we can manage. Such assets may include cash,
diamonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and others. We believe there is no open standard investment strategy. Rather, each strategy is tailored to specifically address the needs and expectations of our clients,
and balancing this with the possible rewards and opportunities in the market. We will assess, simplify, and coordinate all of your financial affairs. We look at the big picture to define your entire financial landscape
and then leverage our in-house wealth management philosophy and a proprietary Asset Management Platform to efficiently build, manage, monitor and control every aspect of your portfolios, while appropriately balancing your goals and risk tolerance. The result is a holistic wealth management solution that combines boutique-level client services, institutional caliber portfolio management, and leading-edge technology to help you achieve all of your long-term goals.

At its simplest, a trust is an arrangement whereby property or assets are transferred from one person (the ‘settlor’) to another person (the ‘trustee’) to hold the property for the benefit of a specified list or class of persons (the ‘beneficiaries’). A trust can be created solely by verbal agreement but it is usual for a written document (the ‘trust deed’) to be prepared.
This evidences the creation of the trust sets out the terms and conditions upon which the trustees hold the trust assets and outlines the rights of the beneficiaries. The practical advantages of a trust are gained from the distinction that is drawn between the formal or legal owner of the property, the trustee, and those people that have the use or benefit of the
property, the beneficiaries. It is vital that the trustee remains independent and exercises proper control over the trust property.
A trust may be deemed invalid if the settlor continues to exercise power over the trust assets by retaining benefit or control, or by giving directions to the trustees.

Those unfamiliar with the trust concept are often concerned at the prospect of transferring ownership of their property to a trustee.
This concern can be alleviated if the trust concept and the distinction between legal and beneficial ownership are properly understood and it is clear that the trust is governed by a reliable trust law that can be enforced in a reputable jurisdiction. Trust law imposes strict obligations and rules on trustees. There is a basic rule that a trustee may not derive any advantage, directly or indirectly, from a trust unless expressly permitted by the trust — for example, where a trust provides a professional trustee with the right to charge for its services. Trustees must follow the trust deed and are subject to very strict rules governing the way in which their powers and discretion may be exercised. The courts regard trust as creating a special relationship that places the most serious and onerous obligations on the trustee.

There are obvious benefits of allowing your assets
to be held in a trust:

* Better protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits Reduce estate and gift taxes.
* Distribute assets to heirs efficiently without the cost, delay and publicity of probate court. Probate can cost between 5% to 7% of your assets.

  • Put conditions on how and when your assets are distributed
    Name a successor trustee, who not only manages your trust but is also empowered to manage the trust assets if you become unable to do so.

As a professional trustee company, we can manage any type of asset held in trust. We manage this by creating a trust for each client through a trust deed. There are no limitations on the number of clients or amounts held in trust. As Trustee obviously, we are focused on managing assets, whether these are cash, diamonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate or a pile of rocks, also we can send and receive payments on behalf of customers holding trust accounts with our institution. We can help you protect your assets by creating a legal structure such as a trust that may provide long-lasting wealth creation and protection benefits for you and your family. As the trustee is the legal owner of the assets, the trust provides a level of protection against personal liability if
structured appropriately and may allow you to arrange your finances in a tax-efficient manner. We can assist you in determining which is the most appropriate trust structure for your circumstances.
We can assist in the establishment, administration and management of the trust either now or in the future. We can also act as the trustee now and/or into the future.

Smart Contract Address For The Token #SWED: https://tronscan.io/#/token20/TLomkn2JKndsKM5c8g8cKnzAiGpGyUUxaR

Investors Memorandum with team information can be found here:

English Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZbhRVKbX4N-Rb_UY1WOgWub03rTRhb4y/view?usp=sharing

Arabic Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l9StnSa5gqeNYxlkfeXTAOKtaPbUCQkl/view?usp=sharing

Chinese Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/183v8O7jKCr6frjUbHvWsP3zrXbAcQF1G/view?usp=sharing

Spanish Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ytLOkDmHC0DUaol6AQYucg2ZrDKRTmUA/view?usp=sharing

Contact info:

Whatsapp/Mobile: +995 597 155 166 / +995 511 110 111

Email: ceo@theswedishtrust.com

Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/CrSs6P6jPwg3ZmMy

Chairman, The Swedish Trust K.B. Antoun is a Doctor in business administration and financial management, with years of experience in blockchain technology.